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Surprise!!!!and maybe it didn’t have to be like this…..

Paula Deen Has Type Two Diabetes Us Weekly via Yahoo news.

I feel bad for her…I mean, that sucks balls and all, she seems like a genuinely nice person and her food looks awesome but seriously, who didn’t see this one coming?

When Al Roker repeatedly asked Deen if her diagnosis was a direct result of her butter-rich diet, she admitted that it’s “part of the puzzle” but not the only factor.

A “part of the puzzle”? I guess she didn’t specify how big of a “part” so she’s right….At least it looks like she’s trying to deal with this and not just pull a, “oh well, guess that’s how it goes”….

But this quote was awesome;

] a few years ago: ‘Honey, I’m your cook, not your doctor,'” Deen said. “You are going to have to be responsible for yourself.”

Damn straight…..

Being the “fitness professional” I am sometimes me thinks, “Self, could some exercise have kept Paula Deen’s insulin sensitivity in check and help her stave off the dreaded diabetes mellitus?”

I don’t know, but it looks like science does (great segway right?)…..Here is the actual article (only including this because it appears that this work is one of the few truly groundbreaking findings in quite a while in this field)….Plus, it’s published in Nature which is considered along with Science to be the two most prestigious science publications which usually means it’s kinda important.

Here is the more readable version from Science Daily: Boost for Health? Researchers Isolate Protein Linking Exercise to Health Benefits. The researchers were able to isolate the hormone from muscle cells which is the trigger for some of the benefits of exercise. The protein is called irisin and it switches on mechanisms that turn white fat (metabolically inactive) into brown fat (which is metabolically active). Irisin was also shown to improve glucose tolerance ie. no more diabetes, HELLO Paula Deen deep-fried cheescake!


Charles Poliquin, who is really smart and has TONS of great insights and ideas, wrote this blog about the implications for this finding, and I totally agree. Strength training will be where the irisin research goes in the future and will prove to be MUCH more fruitful in terms quality outcomes resulting from controlling the release of this protein.

Maybe this whole irisin thing is why teenagers, athletes etc. can eat like shit “shitake mushrooms” and not get fat. Plus, I have to give myself a little credit here. For the last couple years I noticed that even with a pretty bad diet clients who showed up and worked hard would keep their weight in check….So I started telling my clients that diet is where you’ll lose or gain weight and exercise is your “buffer” for when you eat Paula Deen deep-fried cheescake like shite…If you’re training hard a few times a week, it seems like you can get away with several more nutritional slip-ups than if you’re not training at all or training like the average gym zombie.

Jim Wendler’s Blog post today totally speaks the truth to this topic…You Can Out Train Your Diet– Jim Wendler

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