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New Year, New (Jacked Up) You!

New Years resolutions…gotta love em. They say number one is to lose weight and number two is to exercise more….they kinda go together but I digress…

How are those resolutions working for ya?

Lot’s of new people in the gym today……the regulars are pissed and the newbies seem to be either

A. Frustrated (they have no clue whats going on) or….

B. Here way too long doing waaaaaayyyy too much…somebody is going to be really sore tomorrow.

and there was a guy doing “CrossFit” or so he said. It looked more like a 10 minute long spasm with a dumbbell in his hand.


It’s great people wan to get in shape but seriously, do you really think it’s good to go from zero workouts last month to a 3 -hour- long- do -everything- in- the -gym -for -3 -sets -of- 10 -and -a -3 mile- run -athon?

Me thinks not…therefore you WILL become discouraged, sore as all hell and probably not come back….ever, again…except to cancel in six months.

There is a reason it’s stupid to give a sixteen year old a Ferrarri….for the uninitiated, they WILL break it and themselves….

So why do we treat our bodies like this? We go from treating our body like a clunker to expecting it to be a high performance machine. It’s just stupid….

Do yourself a favor, take a step back and commit to making small scalable changes over the next 2-3 months.Choosing some far off milestone that looks good on paper is just setting yourself up for failure…..

Want to bench 225lbs for the first time? Make sure you can bench 135lbs first and 140lbs after that.

Want to run a marathon this year? How’s about we train for a 5K and reevaluate after that one.

After a couple of months anybody could be in pretty good shape and make an honest reevaluation about their physical prowess and goals for the year and beyond. Goals are awesome to have, they should be difficult to attain but they should also be within reason. Achievement of any worthwhile goal takes time, focus and committment…it’s a long slow hike not a maximum height box jump.

best 2 articles of the new year so far:

Jim Wendler: What it Takes, Consistency – Without a doubt, the strongest and best lifters in the world have consistently busted their ass in the weight room. For decades. Not weeks, not a year, but decades.”Jim Wendler

Dewey Neilson: What CrossFit is and Isn’t, Crossfit is not a thought-out progressive exercise system, it is an extreme sport done with strength training tools. That’s what it is. No different than MMA, motocross, etc. It’s not a system meant to safely improve health, strength or work capacity for general pop or athletes” -Dewey Nielson

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