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Beginners and Desk Jockey Syndrome

I’ve been doing this whole training thing for a while now and I can honestly say that 99% of all the people I train have the same problems when they first come to me. Mainly they sit toooooo much.

This results in (from head to toe):

Upper Cross Sydrome: Extended cervical spine (head pushed forward), tight pecs, weak underactive scapular retractors  and tight upper traps

Poor pelvic alignment: Usually to the anterior…

Caused by weak glutes, hamstrings, tight hip flexors, tight spinal erectors and weak abs.

Basically everyone gets “desk jockey syndrome“. We sit in front of a computer hunched over waaaay too much and end up with like this…

This is your spine...on work.

 As a trainer we have to balance giving people what they want, looking better with no clothes on, improved sports performance, feeling better (which is usually a distant third on the list when they start but becomes #1 after 3 weeks) with what they need.

The only good part is that what they need at this point will almost always make them look better, perform better and feel better…

think about it……. all these problems (upper cross and anterior or posterior pelvic tilt) make us look, perform and feel like crap.

Correcting the upper cross syndrome: ie..getting the scapular retractors to do something (think shoulders back and down), loosening the death grip the pec major and minor have on the upper arm (humerus) and getting some thoracic extension will make anyone “open up” and stand taller.

Once the pelvis is on the correct plane the “duck butt” is gone and the stomach looks smaller because your standing up straight and the pelvis isn’t throwing the  stomach forward resulting in the “pot belly” look.

Basically, you don’t look like a bloated human tick anymore…..

Next installment….exactly how to correct the upper half of  Desk Jockey Syndrome: Upper Cross Syndrome

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