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Sometimes things in life are obvious….

See, you didn’t need me to tell you, you already knew.


Sometimes a little reinforcement helps:

Don’t slow Down to Save Your Back, Exercise Instead– Alexander P. Hughes M.D.

Take Home: increased activity is a key protector of your spine, and by far the best prescription for back health is maintaining an active lifestyle.”

and more: Bed rest for acute low-back pain and Sciatica– Hagen, KB

advice to rest in bed is less effective than advice to stay active.”

Let’s face it, you knew that lying around, doing nothing wasn’t good for you. Seriously, let’s have all the structures, muscles, ligaments and tendons that help support and buttress the forces on my spine (which hurts) get weak and immobile….and of course my back will feel better when I go do anything…that makes sense..

Not really: Prolonged bed rest decreases skeletal muscle and whole body protein synthesis– A.A. Ferrando

The only reason it feels better while you rest is because YOU ARE LYING DOWN….almost all of the forces the spine normally has on it, even from just standing, are almost completely removed.

The whole “bed rest” thing is really going the way of the Dinosaur…

Labor of Love: Physically Active Moms-To-Be Give Babies a Head Start on Heart Health

Bed rest can harm, instead of  Help in Pregnancy Complications Research Suggests

Our next DUHHHHHHHHH of the day….Crunches…… Pretty much suck all over. Not only, might they ruin your back but they don’t do anything for fat loss.

Literally nothing: The Effect of Abdominal Exercise on Abdominal Fat– Vispute, Sachin

 “Six weeks of abdominal exercise training alone was not sufficient to reduce abdominal subcutaneous fat and other measures of body composition.”

I don’t know how many crunches it would take to burn a pound of fat (the article says 250,000) but it doesn’t really matter, it would be A LOT times 10….


A Lifetime of Physical Activity Yields Measurable Benefits as We Age– Rachel Cooper

Really, that’s the title….

“physical activity across adulthood would have beneficial effects on physical performance later in life and hence the functional health and quality of life of the aging population”

Thanks Dr. Obvious Ph.D

See sometimes we know things….but could use a little reinforcement.

Well, Duhhhh

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