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Celebrites use Steroids…OMG!

Did you know it’s really hard to gain 20lbs of pure muscle in a year without pharmaceutical help? Let alone in a few months but Hollywood types do it all the time…..

Over a few months in 2010, Momoa, a 6-foot-4-inch Hawaiian actor and model, added about 30 pounds of muscle to his 205-pound frame”- Rebecca Keegan, Muscle Summer- the men of ‘Captain America’, ‘Thor’ and ‘Conan’


BADASS, steroids or not

clean as a whistle….

or so we thought, or actually, YOU thought…cause they said crap like, “I workout 5-6 hrs a day and eat 8-10 meals a day and use copious amounts of anabolics” and you believe whatever you’re told because they would obviously openly incriminate not only themselves but also those involved with them and raise the alarm to local and federal agencies that illicit drug use was knowingly and openly going on……cause I seem to remember how well that worked out for MLB..

Barry Bonds HGH Bucket head bobble head anyone?

Only available to the first 10,000 fans!... who let Rafi Palmerio shoot Vitamin B in their ass

“For “Fast Five,” Johnson packed back on the muscle. To reach a filming weight of 280 pounds — or, in action hero math, 1.5 Clint Eastwoods — the actor said he ate 6,000 to 8,000 calories a day and followed his regular iron-pumping regimen of “sweat, spit and sometimes training so hard I throw up a little bit in my mouth.” Johnson said he also took a daily multivitamin and glutamine, a supplement that aids in muscle recovery after workouts.”- Rebecca Keegan

Dude, you don’t weigh 280lbs because of a multivitamin and some glutamine….seriously?

Those of us who are sceptics, or actually lift weights and don’t believe the news  hype in TMZ, US Weekly, People etc. Thought about that load of crap and said, “Damn pro body builders are the size of a freaking silver back gorilla’s and they use a tons of steroids and don’t gain 20lbs of pure muscle in a year and their freaking JOB is to be Mr. McMuscle”. …..

So it seems somebody did some juice for a job didn’t get it and now he’s blowing the whistle…

Now, you’re probably thinking, “It’s someone really famous, this is good dirt”….or “this is some major action star”….or “Dolph Lundgren is pissed off, way to go”….

 annnnd…you’d be wrong. It was that little shit from Baywatch….and not the Hoff..

this guy:

Yep, a juicehead, Snookie would be proud…
“Baywatch Star/ ‘Conan the Barbarian’ reject says PED use is “very common”
 “It’s more than just sports,” said Victor Conte, former head of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative (BALCO), who supplied Jones and other athletes with steroids. “Rappers are doing this. They’re all ripping their shirts off with six-pack [abdominal muscles]. In mainstream movies and action hero type stuff, it’s rampant.

I’ll see photos of these guys. You can tell in a heartbeat if they’re using. Guys just don’t all of a sudden put on 25 pounds of muscle in two months for a movie role. And it’s not going to happen just from growth hormone. You’re using testosterone or some derivative of an anabolic steroid.” Hruby

Damn, a guy that made steroids is in prison for it and was at the center of the largest steroid controversy maybe ever thinks these guys are juicing….ummm yeah, something must be up.

“A casting call this year for an upcoming “Wonder Woman” television series reportedly sought “super-buff, worked-out, bodybuilder-type guys to play soldiers that appear to be on steroids.”-Hruby

Appear to be on steroids???????? WTF?

"appear to be on steroids"

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