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Holy Sh*t…Sport Science article on…Yahoo?

No really it’s true…I thought is was BS at first but it’s not. Yahoo sports ran a Grrrrrrrrrrrreat article about Usain Bolt and more so sprinting and running speed.  Usain Bolt: A Case Study in Science of Sprinting– Jay Hart   

Hint: He’s not fast because of “advanced training techniques” taught at the local “speed camp”…nor is it Under Armour 360 Combine training, HIT training, Crossfit or even 5/3/1….Nope, not because of cones or parachutes, kettlebells, Bosu balls, bands or even chains……not even chains?


It has more to do with Sir Issac Newton.

Sprinting Speed= How much force exerted against ground and how long that force is applied.

“Weyand discovered that speed is dependent upon two variables: The force with which one presses against the ground and how long one applies that force.”- Hart

Knowledge Bombs ahead:

Aftermath of this article...

 “In a full sprint, the average person applies about 500 to 600 pounds of force. An Olympic sprinter can apply more than 1,000 pounds.”

“The average person’s foot is on the ground for about .12 seconds, while an Olympic sprinter’s foot is on the ground for just .08 seconds — a 33-percent difference.”

Don’t get me wrong, adhering to or advocating a system of training is fine…and it’s good to have many tools and know how and when to use those tools…But the fundamental truth is physics still rules the day. Force application still rules the day, the program and modalities used are just a means to the end.

Personal Note:

Jay Hart, you sir, at least as far as this article goes are a fine journalist. Usually you get articles like this and the quoted expert is the local “fitness expert” or a sport coach or some crap like that. Not Jay Hart, he got quotes from one of, if not, the best sprint coach in the world Dan Pfaff. Instead of getting an opinion from someone who may seem educated to the public on the subject but is wholly ignorant, he went and found….an actual expert, with real world training, experience and results in that field.

Some people still do it right.

The rest of the media could take a play out of that book huh?

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