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Whats Old is New….Not really, you’re just late to the party…..

Awesome video I got from the equally awesome Strength Performance Network.

That’s sooooooo weird no Bosu balls, Bender balls, agility ladders or other bullshit sales pitch piece of crap, not even ZUMBA.

Join the Party!

 Just REALLY strong dudes who, by the way, had excellent flexibility (without Yoga) getting strong by………..

……….. lifting weights…………heavy ones…………on a barbell…………

That’s weird cause I thought you had to have at least 3 swiss balls for every barbell in your gym…and barbells are all old fashioned and non-functional…

“But wait!”… Proclaims “Functional Training Guy”- THANK GOD, It’s the Kettlebells, I saw Kettlebells…

Functional Training Guy in Action…
Thank god for kettlebells….if fit wasnt for that 100lbs kettlebell that guy was swinging I know for a fact none of them would have squatted so many damn plates the BAR WAS FULL….
This isn’t a knock on kettlebells, they’re actually quite awesome in many ways…
It is a knock on all the asshats who think gadgets are the key to fitness…and the newest infomercial thing is actually worth your 3 installments of $19.95…

You see: “Methods are many, Principles are few. Methods always change, Principles NEVER do”. – Alwyn Cosgrove (stolen from Bruce Lee, I think).

Think about it.

People have been at this whole, “getting in shape” thing for a loooooooong time. Do you really think there is going to be some new revolutionary gadget that does it all in 10 minutes a day once a week?

Next time you go to the gym look at the people who are lifting heavy shit (with good technique) then look in on the group exercise class, or the people on the Bosu balls or the local “Functional Training” jerk….and answer this question:

Who do you want to be more  like?

Hopefully not these turkey’s:


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