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Blog Neglect and bad ass Girl Squats.

March 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Thats what I’ve practiced for 2 months now…

Every time I get going again I get really busy and Mr. Mc Blog goes to the back burner. So to stave that off I’ll go with some “quick hitters” in between my always thoughtful, insightlful and all around awesome blog genius.

Best blog post I’ve read in awhile- “Trainers Wanted” from Sean Hyson. This is epic, finally someone from the “inside” tells the truth about the main stream media and fitness training. i.e. It’s a giant joke/ lie and the joke is on YOU!  

It’s worth your 2 minutes, whether you work in the field or not….probably more so if not..

Best line: “Most of these “trainers to the stars” and other TV infomercial gurus aren’t any more qualified than the guy who teaches the “butt blast” class in your local chain gym. He or she just happened to know someone, got lucky, and wound up on TV.

I’ll for go the Jillian Michaels can’t lunge rant….this time. Just go to about 30’s in the vid. Hint: knees watch the knees…waving like a flag in a tornado…

-hat tip (for the Hyson blog): Tony Gentilcore– another GREAT blog

Cool article in Mens Health: Ab Secret of the day: Dynamic Stabilization– Maria Masters…..Why are we still doing crunches?

On the Food front: Liquid calories = not so awesome.

It’s really easy to drink a ton of calories and never even realize it. Take a regular 20 once bottle of soda. Typically they have 2.5 servings at about 120- 180 calories per serving. That’s a cool 300- 450 calories per bottle….or 31- 47 Pounds a YEAR  if you drink a bottle a day. So um yeah, don’t do it.

In an effort to “inform” people, since February, the total calories per package must be on the food label for drinks of 20 ounces or less. 

Short libertarian rant, I’m totally against the Nanny State. I despise every aspect of it. Personally, I don’t need someone to look over my shoulder and figure out what’s best for me or what will keep me safe in my daily transactions. I can do this well enough on my own, I possess a brain, it works and I can operate it…. thank you Mr. and Mrs. Busy Body. How about we go solve some real problems with those tax dollars.

Busy Bodies at Work

Any way the busy bodies or BB’s think this will curb liquid calorie consumption: Americans Like Their Drinks “Sickengly Sweet” but new Labeling May Make a Difference. It’ll be very interesting to see what happens…I’m guessing nothing at all….because.

“Unbeknownst to those who are happily guzzling their favorite cola or fruit drink, most packaged beverages contain multiple servings, and most Americans fail to do the math on the total calorie count.”- Bartfield

 Seriously, if you’re not coherent enough to read 2.5 servings per container, one serving is 150 cals and at least do the quick and dirty multiplication and get around  400 cals…You’re struggling and this government mandated busy body BS ain’t gonna teach you reasoning skills, math skills, computer skills, bow staff skills, nunchuke skills, you know……. skills.


Sad fact is…(this is not scientific fact, simply my personal observation from multiple years of dealing with people who have weight problems)  The people who drink the full strength version- DO NOT CARE– and no number on a label will make them care.  They’ll look at the label and go, “wow, that’s a lot of calories…oh, well”. If they cared they would already be drinking the diet version…..thanks busy bodies…

Awesome, Just cause video:

Take note of the tool in the corner with the cheering section, a tampon on the bar and his 1/8th depth.

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