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Shelby Starnes is a Pussy…but being jacked is cool.

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Yeah, he might be jacked:

and yeah, he might have an encyclopedic knowledge of nutrition, be on the Q&A and have a log at EliteFTS.som…and yeah, he might  help people get in sick shape super fast:

Super strong super strong....jacked-ass?

 and be really f-ing strong (just read the log)…..but he’s still a pussy. Here’s the proof, (in regards to lat pulldowns), “I always wear straps. If that makes me a pussy, that is fine.“- Lean Gain Principles pg. 33 ….proof positive Mr. Starnes you are a total puss…now turn in your man-card…

Personal note: Shelby,  please don’t find me and pummel the shit out of me. K? Thanks.

 Shelby and Steve Colescott teamed up to write the Lean Gain Principles E-book. Which you can and should buy at EliteFTS. But only if your into getting jacked without becoming Jabba the Hutt.

If you prefer the internet forum stupidity of, “I’m on a dirty bulk”..which translated means, “I’m a lazy, fat-ass, who’s going to eat everything in sight cause I have no self-control and don’t want to admit that I can’t stop myself from eating entire pizzas and buckets of ice cream daily and I never really intend on being disciplined enough for long enough to lean out”…this fine publication is not for you.


Lean Gain Principles goes over every aspect of  bodybuilding off-season diet. Some topics include; what to expect during the offseason, what carb rotation is, sample diets, pre, during and post workout protocols and even food prep and basic training information.

Essentially, for the price of one of those pizzas and about an hour of your time (the book is easy to read and only 41 pages long), you get all the info you would need to construct a comprehensive off-season plan. 

What’s best about LGP is it’s honest. Shelby and Steve don’t blow smoke up your ass…I read somewhere once before that the biggest lie in the fitness industry is how every diet and exercise book starts with some variation of the line, “it’s not your fault”.

Ummmm…..yeah, you won’t find that in here. In fact they destroy that BS right up front,

“Despite what you may read in every muscle magazine, the road to a champion physique is a slow, arduous one. You are not going to build twenty-inch arms after two years of training. You will not go from obese to having six-pack abs in three weeks. You will not add a hundred pounds to your bench press after four weeks of training with bands. It is not just unlikely, it just plain ain’t gonna happen. You have been lied to, but the truth is…you should have known better.”

They also cover things that are often overlooked like, lifting heavy weights…that whole progressive overload thing…it’s important. As well as goal setting, smart programming (that means you probably don’t need 100 sets of chest fly variations in a workout) and one of the most overlooked aspects, variety in training.

“The more adamantly set on your longtime favorite way of training, the more you have to gain from trying something radically different“.-LGP pg.27   

If you’re looking for a real-world, honest approach to gaining muscle while still looking like you lift weights (ie. not the fat guy with big forearms) pick up Lean Gain Principles, well worth the investment… 

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Yoga, Jacks up knees…but it can cure cancer?? WTF!

January 6, 2011 1 comment


Headline: Yoga bad for your knees, Indian doctor warns. -Dean Nelson.

Guess what?  Yoga can jack up people knees…”Dr Ashok Rajgopal says he has performed knee replacement surgery on a number of leading yoga gurus.”

Guess what?  Over stretching  a joint isn’t a good thing and leads to orthopedic problems, “according to Dr Rajgopal, the extreme stretching exercises at the heart of the discipline cause severe stress on joints, leading to arthritis.”

My joints feel....GREAT!

Guess what?  Yoga can cure HIV aids and cancer…”Some of its most charismatic teachers, like India’s Baba Ramdev, who has built a worldwide empire through television appearances, believe its breathing exercises can even cure diseases like HIV Aids and cancer.”

Yoda knows it's B.S. and he didn't even need to use the force for this one.

That’s right boys and girls stretching (which is important) and breathing (also highly important) can cure AID’s. Not just HIV but full-blown AID’s….seriously? seriously?

Who believes this??….Yoda sure as hell doesn’t…I bet Yoda can’t even cure cancer let alone AIDS and he’s a freaking 900 year old Jedi master…You’re a dude who stretches and breathes deep…

No, for real?…no…I don’t care if you like yoga or not but really?…Breathing and stretching can somehow make the freaking CELLS, in your body, change?

“Yeah, so um I contracted HIV but then I sat around and stretched and breathed a lot…got my karma back, and I’m good now…. Thanks for asking!”

Someone is going to read that line above and get really pissed at me…that’s fine. You should definitely be pissed at me and not the guy telling people that yoga can cure a deadly disease..yeah, really enlightened and logical of you.

Pissing cures a full bladder...that's all it does.

But all in all this is a VERY good article about the good and bad of yoga. Basically, in exercise, it all comes down to this, “a significant number of people who have been not trained adequately to get into yoga and harmed themselves…”

Well worth your 2 minutes.

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“I eat because I’m unhappy…I’m unhappy because I eat.”

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Fat Bastard said it and….he was right.

The people at Kaiser Permenante in San Diego have been running a weight loss clinic since 1982 which dealt mostly with the obese . After treating 30,000 patients they’ve made some pretty remarkable findings concerning obesity and published them in a paper titled, Obesity: Problem, Solution or Both.

In short they found that obesity, “is not the core problem to be treated, any more than smoke is the core problem to be treated in house fires.” Basically obese people are obese because they eat too much, yepper that whole law of thermodynamics is still holding steady..but what drives them to eat to much?

NOTE: Yes, I know that there is such a thing as metabolic advantage and that a “Calorie is not a Calorie“.  But I’m talking big picture and real life here people, on the whole…eat more than we burn; gain weight…eat less; lose weight..Don’t believe me? What about Harvard? Diets that Reduce Calories lead to Weight Loss, Regardless of Carbohydrate, Protein or Fat Content.

What the researchers found is that obesity was  the result of another underlying problem and excessive weight gain was used as a protective mechanism…

 “we unexpectedly discovered that histories of childhood sexual abuse were common, as were histories of growing up in markedly dysfunctional households. It became evident that traumatic life experiences during childhood and adolescence were far more common in an obese population than was comfortably recognized. We slowly discovered that major weight loss is often sexually or physically threatening and that obesity, whatever its health risks, is protective emotionally. Ultimately, we saw that certain of our more intractable public health problems such as obesity are often also unconsciously attempted solutions to problems dating back to the earliest years but hidden by time, by shame, by secrecy, and by social taboos against exploring certain areas of life experience.”

This lead them to realize that everyone  (including themselves) had looked at the cause of obesity through the wrong lens, different questions needed to be asked.

“Ultimately, we learned from our patients that in obesity, we are dealing with two core problems:

• The unconscious, compulsive use of food for its psychoactive benefits

• The unrecognized and unspoken benefits of obesity.”

Basically food does make people feel better even if it doesn’t fix the problem, “The psychoactive benefits of food are profound though not curative….Whether we are talking about the next mouthful, the next drink, the next cigarette, the next sexual partner, or the next dose of whatever psychoactive chemical we might buy on the street, the concept is equally applicable: It’s hard to get enough of something that almost works.”…for the obese, it seems, food is that drug.

Obesity also “protects” these people. As one patient responded in an interview, “Overweight is overlooked, and that’s the way I need to be.”

So it looks like a whole lot of us may have been barking up the wrong tree in terms of trying to cure obesity. Looks like it’s not just about eating right and exercising…..

” we had learned that our initial goal of teaching people to “eat right” was totally irrelevant to obesity, although it seemed a reasonable thing to do when we did not know what to do. In retrospect, we should have known better because most of us knew that overweight, middle-aged women commonly know enough about calorie content to give a dietitian a run for his or her money any day of the week. ….Nutrition is an interesting and important subject that has no more relationship to obesity than it does to anorexia.”

This is a really interesting paper and well worth the read if you have the time. It’s extremely eye-opening and the results, at least on the surface, seem to be valid if for no other reason than the authors were willing to admit that their previous interventions had all been uninformed, misguided and failed. The mark of a good scientist is usually one who can admit and learn from their mistakes. Beyond that there have been some other studies that seem to streamline with this study….like:

 Treating Womens Depressions Might Help Them Lose Weight.  

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