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Jennifer’s Body..(get it? it’s a pun…)


5 Yoga Poses to Get Jennifer Aniston’s Body ….5 YOGA poses…FIVE YOGA poses… 

My response: NEGATIVE , WRONG, NOTHING….YOU KNOW NOTHING!!!! I can say with almost 100% confidence that there are no 5 yoga poses that will give you Jennifer Anistons body…How do I know this? 

Cause I’m not an idiot. 

It's not Smart Water either.


How do they put this crap out there? Here’s my honest assessment of this situation. 

  1. Jennifer Aniston is hot to begin with (let us remember people in Hollywood are, at least in part, PAID to look good. It’s part of their job. They usually, more or less, came that way).
  2. She probably works out ALOT, in addition to yoga…OMG she does, “Jennifer Aniston’s Simple Workout Secrets: Run, Work Out Every Day”
  3. And she probably has a really tight diet…I don’t know if it’s the Zone or the “all baby food” …point is, she’s not eating like the average person. Which is to say like a crap sandwich.

When these articles say things like, “Celebrity X, Y,Z walks 20 minutes a day”…it’s bullshit, and dishonest, and if you believe it; you’re the idiot. 

News flash! Giuliana Rancic, E! host, red carpet correspondent, and author of the dating guide Think Like a Man, admits she works her butt off to look good. “I hate it when celebrities say they never exercise but are really in the gym five days a week,” says Giuliana. “So I’ll be honest: I run an hour a day, weight-train four times a week, and watch what I eat.” For more straight talk from the star, plus her favorite arm moves, read on.- Claire Connors, Shape. July 8, 2008.  

It’s simple……Not easy.  

On a side note, not in totality, but for the most part, Yoga sucks and again…especially in terms of calorie expenditure… 

Yes, I know that the above articles  linked within “Yoga Sucks” and “again” presents points which could be refuted with, “well they took a class or did a move they were not prepared to perform” and “that could happen doing any exercise”, or “it was an uneducated teacher”. I realize this and that is correct…. For the literal out there: The point is that the usually thought of as innocuous yoga, is not.

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