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Dr. Verkhoshansky….

For a blog dedicated to training and more specifically sports training and sports science it would be a grave travesty if I didn’t take the time to acknowledge the passing of Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky this passed weekend. Perhaps no one has been more influential in the development of sport science EVER than Dr. Verkhoshansky. 

From his bio (emphasis added):  

Professor Yuri Verkhoshansky is predominantly known to most westerner readers as the Russian researcher who invented plyometric training (Shock Method). Many coaches and sport scientists around the world, however, recognize Y.Verkhoshansky as a prominent figure in the field of explosive strength training, one of the greatest experts in the theory of sports training whose ideas was implemented and expanded as: Methodology of Special Strength Training and Special Physical Preparation, Long Delay Training Effect, Conjugate–Sequence System Training and Block Training System (known in the West as Block Periodization).To a few sport training experts, he is known as the first scientist applied the Physiology of Adaptation in the theoretic analysis of the sport training process. Some training experts also know that more than 20 years ago he introduced the new approach of planned training, “Programming of training”, based upon the innovative, at that time, methodology that is presently known as System Analysis & Design and the structured process modelling

In a time when many practitioners in sport and fitness talk loosely about periodization and plyometrics without even understanding the concepts, they fail to realize that this man is the father of those applications.

He published some the the most influential texts on sport science ever including:

The bible of sport training


With the good Dr.’s passing we’re all a little, lot, dumber now.

James Smith from Pitt posted his thoughts on the Dr.’s passing this morning at EliteFTS: In Honor of Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky– James Smith

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