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Friday randomness….

It’s Friday kids…and thats a good thing.

A little weekend science to mull over:

Get your sleep: Disruption Of Circadian Rhythms Affects Both Brain And Body, Mouse Study Finds, like we didn’t know that.

Don’t do steroids (maybe): Bodybuilding With Steroids Damages Kidneys. Finally someone took a scientific look at steroid use and didn’t just march out the same old party line, “Steroids are bad!….just because”.

BTW best look at steroid use I have ever seen is Bigger Faster Stronger…..put it on the netflix cache and watch it. It’s informative, interesting and hilarious

Professional football is bad for your health (no shit): For Big Athletes, Possible Future Risk: Heightened Cardiometabolic Risk Factors Among Professional Football Linemen  and Member Of NFL Hall Of Fame Diagnosed With Degenerative Brain Disease…but amazing to watch (and bitch) about.

Europe is still way ahead of America in Sports Science: What Makes A Great Soccer Player? Why don’t we do this type of science in America? Our sports science is akin to, “Tiger Woods played golf since he was 3 so we’ll have all golfers play golf from age 3”.

Cure low back pain with….EXERCISE! Exercise More, Not Less, To Ease Aching Back, Study Suggests.

Tip O’ The day: STOP blaming an injury on an exercise or a form of training……I hear lots of, “olympic lifting hurt my shoulders”, “squatting hurt my knees”, “plyometrics are dangerous”.  All of these statements are both false and true. It just depends on who they refer to. Truth is, if squatting hurts your knees 90% of the time, you squat like crap. If olympic lifting hurts your shoulders, you probably don’t have enough stability, strength or mobility. If plyo’s are dangerous for you, you are not ready to perform them.

Stop blaming the exercise and start blaming the user….Mike Boyle said it best, “Blaming the exercise is like blaming the car. Nobody would blame Ford if they drove through a parking lot and hit a couple cars. They would blame the driver“.

If are either not physically ready for or physically unable to perform an exercise you shouldn’t do it. If you do, it’s your fault when you get hurt.

 Friday moment of zen: How to fake Abs

Next up: How to fake having a brain..I wish I could make this stuff up

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