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Micellaneous Monday (on Tuesday)


Walking on the treadmill is ok, but kinda sucks.

Walking on the treadmill HOLDING ON is stupid. Just plain stupid and if do this  you are also stupid. Seriously, why would you hold on? what benefit does that give you?


it makes it EASIER and DEFEATS the purpose. Have half a brain and slow the damn thing down.

I guess this is like a drug people need help to get off of because here’s an article about,”How to quit Holding on to the Treadmill“…a whole article. I can summarize in two words…


Mike Boyle (the goofy looking guy below) is really smart.

He’s been around forever and is always very insightful when it comes to training athletes and regular clients. Plus, despite being the head strength coach for Boston University Hockey (who have won 2  NCAA championships while he’s been there) he realizes the secret, “they usually always have the best players”, but under his guidance they don’t get outworked nor do they get injured two attributes directly related to the S&C program.

He’s releasing Functional Strength Coach 3 today and I think I’m buying it, hopefully it’ll be here by the weekend and I can be super nerd for a couple days. I’ll report back next week.


I’m getting really tired of the Biggest Loser. I saw a screen shot the other day, and now I cant find it, of one of the contestants doing a box jump. I’m not going to explain why this is completely unnecessary for someone who is grossly overweight, you can figure it out for yourself:



This is the funniest video I’ve seen in a long time. Its not SFW (safe for work) but it’s hilarious. If you lift weights, for any reason you MUST watch this…..


Training tip of the day: Grip the weight, don’t just sit it in your hands. Just sitting the weight in your hands will tear off calluses and make it more difficult to hold onto the bar. If you grip the bar, it can’t move, if it cant move, calluses caused by friction, cant form.

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