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Blog Neglect, Stupid people and Flu Vaccines…

It’s already Thursday and I haven’t written jack all week…hopefully I get something done tomorrow too, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Why you should hire me: “Supervised Strength Training Is More Effective, Swedish Study Finds” http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/10/091012095535.htm

Basically, hire an expert and you’ll get 50% more out of your training. Keep in mind this was done in Sweden, where they use that crazy thing called “science” to formulate programs and the experts actually are trained in the field and kept up to date on advancements.

You know, in most other countries  you must have a degree based in sport science to train people, not just athletes but anyone…here you need $99 and a computer….that was a joke (kind of) until I did a quick search and found this. $50, are you kidding me fifty bucks….News flash to people in the fitness business: If you think this is, in any way, acceptable  please follow the directions on the sign below:

I wonder why it’s so difficult for people to value us and take what we do seriously?

Those who have asked know that I’m not getting a flu shot of any kind, not even the piggy version. I just dont see the evidence for their validity, seems like a lot of people saying ,”Flu shots work…. just because they do”. Any way, I read this yesterday and it does make you think: http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200911/brownlee-h1n1

Just so you know, if I end up like this I take full responsibility:

Swine FLu Face

 BTW: my roommate HAD H1N1. He’s fine and I never got sick at all…just saying.

Thursday moment of zen:

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