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Fun time Friday….

Welcome to Friday
Dumbbell swings- Much like brussel sprouts, everyone hates them, but they work. Here’s a big I told you so Proof . Maybe the best “conditioning”/ fat loss tool out there…and probably the simplest (and most brutal).


Grip work- I just sat and thought long and hard, ok maybe not hard, about grip strength and how important it is. Basically, if you can grip something harder you protect yourself from injury because the rotator cuff muscles fire in synchronization stabilizing the shoulder. Gripping harder also activates the upper back musculature on moves like rows and deadlifts protecting the lower back, plus gripping the weight makes you stronger overall. The more I hear Gray Cook talk about this the more important I think it is. Looks like a couple clients are going to be doing a lot more grip work in the future.

 The Thinker thinks
 The Thinker thinking, but probably not about grip training.
Exercise I hate the most- The triceps dip off a bench.
Bad, stupid group exercise move, bad...
  Bad, stupid group exercise move, bad…


First off, it’s incredibly uncomfortable and if you ask most people will tell you that it feels like their arm is being torn out of the joint(BIG hint there). The Humerus (upper arm bone) doesnt really like moving to the posterior. Why? Think scapula (cause its in the way), plus the top of the humerus and the acromion would rather not meet on a regular basis.   

Just to make it clear, regular old school parallell bar dips are good to go, if they don’t cause pain, becasue they give a little bit more freedom in the exercise execution but in a lot of people they do.

Friday moment, actually one minute eleven seconds, of fitness stupidity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUZLTlm3he4





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