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Now Read This….


If you want your kid to be a bad athlete when they actually might get payed to play have them specialize in a sport early. Without a doubt the dumbest thing you can do, except maybe this. Love me some Bosu goodness.

Their genetics play the biggest role in making a living at professional sports, not how much of your bank account was wasted on “sport specific” training for a 9 year old. Wrote about it here too

Here is what we should do LTAD

Rhetorical question of the day: Why do people (most of which have never actually played anything beyond highschool) comment on your favorite sports team like you play for them? or like it actually matters? 

News flash. IT DOESN’T….you nor I play professional sports. I don’t know why the head coach did what he did, I don’t know why the GM did what he did and why they give player X $10 million and player Y $3.65210 million I have no clue. I’m not the owner, it’s not my money…I DONT KNOW, I don’t work there, I only watch the games and hope they win. ……That’s as far as it goes….

More Bosu goodness. OMG! My thoughts on the preceding can only be described by the picture below.

Please wait:  Kitty is processing your stupid.

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