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Micellaneous Monday

Everyone who has a blog does “Miscellaneous Monday” so as not to be original I thought, “Hell, why not”.

Tate Forcier– Not jumping on the bandwagon…..yet. Maybe once he learns to throw more than 2 passes a game from the pocket I can buy in. I mean, it’s great he can do so many things with his feet but there is no way he can be under so much pressure, EVERY PLAY, that he has to pull the Fran Tarkenton.

Thats Fran by the way….He’s in the Hall of Fame and stuff.

Looks like 16-0isnt happening for the Ravens this year…But they’re still waaayyy better than the Redskins (who break my heart). Seriously at this point I long for the days of Gus Frerotte …. I’m serious.

The Bender ball is stupid. Seriously 408% more effective. At what? Breaking your back? Hyperextension and spondylolysis here I come!

If you cant tell I just learned the whole insert link thing and I’m going to use it way too much for a while….get used to it.

Diets suck………………..just saying.

Capitals, 2-0 and 80 to go. That perfect season is in reach guys. Seriously though, when are we going to learn to play some D?

That is all, back to work!

P.S.. Do yourself a favor, go back and click on Gus. It’ll make your day better.

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