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I’m not a trainer…..But I play one on T.V.

There is a plague in this industry…….a dishonest, negligent, infectious plague..

Trainers, coaches, performance specialist, whatever they call themselves- WHO DO NOT TRAIN.

I’m completely tired of this, honestly it’s ridiculous and if your in that group you should be ashamed.  Not everyone in the industry agrees with me but as far as I’m concerned if you don’t take the time to come up with and implement programs or at least workouts  for yourself how can you hold the responsibility of doing that for others?

I’m not saying you have to be the stereotypical “Globo gym” trainer, in your 2 sizes too small shirt and your brooklyn blowout screaming “ALL YOU….BRO!”

In fact I would rather you never train, ever, than become that guy even for a minute. However, if you train other people you should, on some type of at least semi-consistentant schedule, be in the gym/ playgound/ track, whatever working out.

Some how, and maybe this is unique to me, it seems like at least 50% of the trainers I meet or know just plain dont train. I’m not talking about they are not currently training for a meet, triathlon race etc.. I mean they don’t, with any regularity, do anything fitness related (except maybe teach group exercise “class”). I keep hearing “I coach….I coach”, total copout, plain and simple. I coach my clients too, and I think if you asked them they would say I’m, at least, better than most. Know why? Because I actually train!  I actually get under the bar. How can you “coach” when you don’t know the game?

Would you trust a mechanic who doesnt work on his own cars?

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