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P90X- Fitness revolution?

September 8, 2009 1 comment

What is the magic of P90X? I see TONS of people everyday in the gym doing this routine. They honestly believe that there is a magic to this program. Here’s the reality; work really hard for an hour or more a day and eat really clean for 3 months straight and if your not a gelatinous mound you’ll end up in pretty good shape. The magic isnt in P90X or any other program for that matter, it’s in the WORK you put in while training and the DEDICATION to stick to a diet.  

Honestly, I have not seen the entire P90X program, the basic premise of  working really hard for 3 months and good things happen is usually true. That said, it’s just a workout program. Take a program out of any fitness magazine, do it exactly as stated, work your tail off, eat clean and get enough sleep, do that, and I guarantee you’ll be in remarkably better shape in 3 months.

P.S. This doesnt mean I hate P90X,actually, for an infomercial fitness product, I think its pretty good.

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