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EveryDayAthleteTraining: The Blog

Welcome to the EveryDayAthleteTraining blog.

This blog is going to primarily be about…you guessed it! Training!!!

Mine, yours, my clients, whoever. We’ll cover lots of related things too. Programs, nutrition, diets, exercises, the awesomeness of both Washington Redskins and all of college football etc.

I’m planning on putting some actual programs I’ve used with “everydayathletes” up and explaining the how’s and whys. We’ll get into some science, opinion, speculation and random nonsensical thoughts. Please comment, agree/ disagree/ question etc. You don’t have to agree and if you don’t let me know and why! Don’t worry I’m a big boy, I can take it. I’ll just hug some kittens and kiss some babies on the forehead and all will be wonderful in my world again.

Any subjects you think would be interesting to cover or anything you want to know about, let me know.

With all of the uninformed, useless fitness information floating around out there hopefully the everydayathletetraining blog becomes a place where you can find some truths and creative thoughts and hopefully at least begin to make sense out of it all.

Thanks for coming by and reading…put your thinking caps on and stay awhile.

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